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Once we receive your contact information from Show Management, we will send you an email login to our Online Exhibitor Services. This login is exclusive to you, as it provides a secure payment portal for the rentals and services you order.
Contact our friendly Exhibitor Service Representative and they will verify your status. Once confirmed, we will email you your login or reset your password (if one has already been sent to you). You may contact Exhibitor Services by phone at 866.335.6307 or by email at sales@libertyexpo.com.

Booth/Furnishings and Services

In most cases, each in-line booth receives a 7″ X 44″ identification sign with your company name and booth number.
The General Service Contractor prints the sign from a list provided by Show Management.
During move-in if you are unable to make it during the scheduled time contact show management to schedule an alternate time for you to move-in. During move-out you must tear down during the allotted time.
Our creative systems design team will help design a booth unit that works for you. Contact one of our friendly Exhibitor Service Representatives at 866.335.6307 or email us at sales@libertyexpo.com.
Each show is different. Please review your show exhibitor kit for specific booth package furnishings that are included.
Unfortunately no. Items that are provided as part of your booth package have no substitute value. If you need an item that is not listed with the booth package, you will need to order that item separately at the standard rate.
Yes, floor orders are accepted at show site. Payment must be received before any furnishings or services will be provided. Keep in mind color, size and choice of furnishings will be limited to our show site inventory.
Discount rates apply to all furnishings, accessories and services ordered prior to the Discount Deadline date noted in your Exhibitor Kit. All furnishings, accessories or services ordered after the deadline has passed are charged at our standard rates.
Rental rates with the exception of audio visual equipment listed are for the duration of the show and include delivery and removal unless otherwise noted.
Each event has different criteria in regards to carpet. Please refer to the cover letter of your Exhibitor Services Manual for more specific information.
Exhibit space cleaning & porterage services can be ordered through your show exhibitor services kit.
Yes, leave items that you want to discard in the aisle in front of your booth space and clearly label “Trash.”

Freight/Material Handling

Shipping is the transportation of your shipment from you to the advance warehouse or direct to show site via the carrier of your choice.Material handling, also known as drayage, includes the following services:

  • Receiving your shipment at the docks of the advance warehouse or show site.
  • Unloading and inspecting your shipment.
  • Storing your shipment at our warehouse for up to 30 days (for advance warehouse shipments only).
  • Transporting your shipment from the advance warehouse to show site (for advance warehouse shipments only).
  • Delivering your shipment from the docks to your booth space.
  • Storing your empty containers during the event.
  • Returning your empty containers to your booth at the close of the event.
  • Moving your outbound shipment from your booth space to the loading dock.
  • Loading your shipment onto your outbound carrier.

It is important to find out if direct to event shipments are available at your event, as some events do not have this service.

The material handling charge includes the unloading of your shipment to your booth.
“Empty” stickers are provided at the Liberty Expo Service Desk. Place a minimum of one sticker on each piece with your company name and booth number. We will pick them up throughout the move-in process and securely store for the duration of the show. Unless prior arrangements are made, your containers will not be accessible during the event. If you need accessible storage this can be arrange through our Exhibitor Service Representative.
In order for empty containers to be returned the event must be officially closed, attendees must be off the event floor, and aisle carpet must be rolled up. We ask that you keep all aisles clear to expedite this process. Labeled containers will start being returned as quickly as possible, which may take some time depending on the size of the event. Please keep this in mind when planning your travel arrangements. Prior empty return can be arranged through our Exhibitor Service Representative.
Liberty Exposition is responsible for clearing the show floor. No shipments may be left with the facility for shipping at a later date. Arrange your outbound shipping through our Exhibitor Service Representative.“Back to Warehouse” option where we will return your shipment to our warehouse for your carrier of choice to pick up at a later date. Check with the Liberty Expo Service Desk for options and availability.

Depends on the venue. Rules differ from one city to the next as it pertains to local union jurisdiction. In most cases, an exhibitor can carry in materials that can be hand-carried in a single trip without the use of the loading dock or material handling equipment.
If shipping directly to the show (Direct Shipping), your shipment can only arrive on the day of exhibitor move-in; if it arrives before that day, the facility may refuse your shipment. If you are shipping to the advance warehouse (Advance Shipping), your shipment should arrive between thirty (30) days and seven (7) days prior to the exhibitor move-in date. If your shipment is received within seven (7) days of the exhibitor move-in date, you will incur a late delivery fee and other charges, if applicable.

If your freight is ready, shipping to the Advance Warehouse is strongly recommended. By shipping to the Advance Warehouse you are able to track and ensure that your freight has been received, with time to follow up if necessary. Also, it will be in your booth when you arrive for set-up. If your freight is sent directly to show site you run the risk of the facility refusing your shipment.


Contact us directly to order any special graphics, banners or signs. Our in-house graphics department can provide many specialty signs including digital print, wide format color graphics, vinyl banners, logo reproduction, and more.
Liberty Exposition Services offers a variety of substrates including, but not limited to: cardstock, foamcore, coroplast, sintra, Lexan, Magnet, Plexiglass, Adhesive Backed Vinyl, and banner material. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
Acceptable file formats for logos are: *.AI, *.eps, *.psd, *.pdf or high resolution *.jpg, are the formats available. Graphics may be sent via email, flash drive – aka thumb drive, cd, dvd or our Large File Share site. Please contact us with any concerns.
Special signs and graphics can be ordered through Liberty Exposition Services. Look for ordering information within the online exhibitor services kit or contact us directly at 866.335.6307 or graphics@libertyexpo.com.

Labor/Other Services

Exhibitors are required to follow local union jurisdictions. In most cities, exhibitors are allowed to set-up their own displays without assistance provided that:

  • All work is performed by full time employees of the exhibiting company
  • The booth is 10′x10′ or smaller
  • Booth installation requires no more than two people, one hour or less to complete
  • No power tools are necessary
If you will be using an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) for the set-up and dismantle of your booth, you will need to submit the “Non-Official Subcontractor Notice” form to Liberty Expo no less than 30 days prior to the event. Once we receive your EAC notice, your EAC will need to submit their Certificate of Liability Insurance to Liberty Expo (also 30 days before the event). Failure to comply with the 30 day deadline on both forms will result in your EAC not being authorized on the show floor.
Check in at the Liberty Exposition service desk at the scheduled time you requested your installation & dismantle labor.
  • Hanging Material: Hanging of any item above the height of eight feet. This could include signs, banners, or exhibit materials. This could involve the use of ladders, scissors lift or other equipment. Items to be hung above eight feet must be approved by show management. Upon written approval by show management, please contact Liberty Exposition Services to make arrangements for the installation and dismantling of your signage or materials.
  • Machinery Rigging: Movement and spotting of heavy machinery or equipment. This will involve forklift use and additional labor costs. Machinery rigging involves a forklift and riggers as needed, both items must be ordered.
The Exhibitor Service Kit will have a forklift order form if forklift service is being offered at your specific event. If a form is not included, please contact us to discuss further options.
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