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Liberty Exposition Services provides complete shipping, warehousing and event/show freight services. Our experienced warehouse specialists will deliver your valued materials from the designated warehouse to your show booth space. Liberty Exposition Services coordinates and works with all major and reputable shipping companies. Our industry experience provides the knowledge to know which shipping options are best suited for your specific shipping need.

Our advanced receiving service option allows you to store your exhibit materials up to thirty days (30) in advance of show-site move in. Taking advantage of our advanced receiving option will eliminate potential delivery challenges such as delays and lost freight at the venue receiving dock or in the show marshaling yard, thus allowing cost savings with scheduling set up labor and avoiding other costly delays. You will have peace of mind knowing your shipped show freight/materials will be delivered and waiting at your booth.

Liberty Exposition can provide a quote on shipping for your next show or event. Please fill out all information requested below so that we can provide an accurate and timely estimate.



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