Advanced Shipping
Freight that has been shipped direct to the show service contractor’s designated warehouse prior to event move-in.
Air Freight
Exhibit materials transported by air.


Bill of Lading
A legal document that establishes terms between the shipper (exhibitor) and the transportation company (carrier) for the transport of goods between specific points for a specified charge. A bill of lading is required to be filled out and turned in at the Liberty Expo Service Desk at the close of the show, after the exhibitor is packed up, in order for Liberty Expo to release the freight to a transportation company (carrier).


A designated company that transports exhibit freight to and from a trade show.
Certified Weight Ticket
Certified weight ticket is a required documented measurement used for shipping exhibit properties. All carriers checking into a Liberty Expo marshaling yard are required to present a certified weight ticket at check in.
Common Carrier
A common carrier transporting exhibit freight usually accepts only crated exhibit materials and consolidates properties of multiple exhibitors bound for the same destination into a single shipment. Only Liberty Exposition can accept freight from a common carrier.
An individual our company to whom freight/materials are shipped.
“Century Weight” or “hundredweight” The total weight of a crate is divided by 100 to obtain billable weight.


Service that includes delivery of materials to an exhibit space, removal of empty crates, storage of crates during the event, return of crates at the conclusion of the Event, and delivery of materials to the designated carrier loading area.


Empty Sticker
A colored sticker used to mark empty crates and boxes for storage provided in the material handling service.
Exhibit properties and other materials shipped to and/or from a trade show for an exhibit.


Freight Desk
The area where inbound and out bound exhibit materials are handled at a trade show event.
Forced Freight
When a bill of lading or a material handling agreement listing exhibit material/freight to be picked up by a carrier designated by the exhibitor is not turned into the trade show contractor service desk or if the designated carrier does not check in with the service desk by a specified time or does not show up to pick up the exhibit freight, the show service contractor will either take the freight to their warehouse or ship it back to the exhibitor via its own preferred carrier at a non-discounted price.


Loading Dock
A platform or area within a trade show facility where the exhibit freight is loaded (shipped) and removed (received) from carrier vehicles.
Point to point transportation services for freight by an appointed carrier.


Marshaling Yard
A lot where trucks gather for orderly dispatch to event site. When Liberty Exposition provides a marshaling yard, all carriers must check in, present weight ticket, and will be guided to the docks to unload when space is available. The same is true for the out of the show.
Material Handling
Often referred to as drayage, is the movement of exhibitor freight from the designated carrier to the exhibit booth and back to the carrier at the conclusion of the show.


Packing List
A document prepared by the shipper listing items being shipped along with other information needed by the exhibit transportation company.
Padded Van Shipment
Uncrated goods covered with blankets or other protective padding and shipped via van line.
A portable wood platform used to transport by forklift or pallet jack heavy objects or groups of materials for easier handling.
A number assigned by a carrier to identify a specific shipment.


The transportation of exhibit material (freight) to the advanced warehouse or event venue via the carrier of choice.
Shipping Case
A reusable container used for packing and transporting trade show displays and other exhibit materials.
Shipping Crate
A wooden container for packing and transporting exhibit materials; can be constructed for single use or customized for extended reuse.
Special Handling Shipments
An additional charge that applies to exhibits requiring extra labor, equipment, or time for delivery to exhibit space.


Exhibitor move in date/time prior to general move-in available by appointment only.
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