We strongly recommend shipping to the advance warehouse. This will allow you the ability to track and ensure your freight has been received. Will also provide you the comfort of knowing your materials will be in your booth upon your arrival.
For your convenience and peace of mind we recommend utilizing Liberty Logistics. By using an outside carrier it becomes your responsibility to contact and arrange show site pick up.
Depends on the venue. Rules differ from one city to the next as it pertains to local union jurisdiction. In most cases, an exhibitor can carry in materials that can be hand-carried in a single trip without the use of the loading dock or material handling equipment.
Material handling fees are charged for receiving, storing and reloading of materials to and from your booth space before and after the show.
When shipping directly to show site, freight may only arrive during the scheduled exhibitor move in times as indicated in the show online exhibitor kit.
When shipping to the advance warehouse, freight may arrive up to thirty (30) days prior to scheduled exhibitor move in date as indicated in the show online exhibitor kit.
Shipping addresses are provided in the show exhibitor kit. It is important that your labels include the following information:

Your company name
Show name
c/o Liberty Exposition Services, Inc.
Destination Address (advance warehouse/direct)
Booth number
Piece ___of___

*We recommend multiple labels for palletized and crated freight/material shipments.

Material handling charges are incurred with each individual shipment. To assist with minimizing costs, crate or palletize freight/materials in to one shipment.
Ship direct to show site as directed in the show online exhibitor kit.
Freight shipped to and warehoused at the advance warehouse will be transported to show site and delivered to your booth prior to exhibitor move-in.
Confirm your account is paid, complete an outbound Material Handling Agreement at the Liberty Exposition Service Desk with complete information and label all pieces for outbound shipment.
Special Handling charges are applied when freight is delivered by a carrier in such a manner that requires additional handling, such as ground unloading, stacked or restricted space unloading, designated piece unloading, mixed loads and freight/materials arriving before or after the indicated dates and times or outside straight time hours.
Crated shipments are materials that are shrink-wrapped or banded together on a pallet to make freight handling more efficient. Uncrated shipments are individual pieces that come in a number of different pieces under one pro number.
Personal Owned Vehicle. Freight brought in by a POV, Material Handling fees are charged differently.
The material handling charge includes the unloading of the shipment and delivery to your booth.
Freight handling is the movement of materials from the advance warehouse or other point of pick up to your show booth. Shipping is the actual sending of materials to a designated destination.
Once a carrier is selected, you are responsible for all related shipping fees to ship your freight and materials. In addition to shipping fees there is a material/freight handling fee that is calculated by weight and rounded to the next hundred pounds or CWT (century weight).
Review your shipping form and confirm the destination address. If the shipment was sent to the advanced warehouse, provide shipping documentation to the Liberty Exposition show representative and we will assist with locating and delivering your materials. In the event the shipment was sent to show site, consult the Liberty Exposition show representative and we will assist with contacting the facility representative.
Liberty Exposition Services is the exclusive provider of material handling.
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